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Since 1991 we are supplying Laser Engraving Machines for the printing industry, and other growing markets. And with more than 300 machines sold, we are the market leader in our industry.

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Basic Laser Engraving Machine for Lacquer ablation and Ceramic Engraving only.


Advanced Laser Engraving Machine for direct Engraving of Metals and Ceramic.

Digilas CE

Totally Custom Engineered (CE) Laser Engraving Machine to the needs of our customer.

Coating Machine

Two Machine types are available, vertical coating machine and a spray coating machine.

Etching Machine

Available in two Versions, for Etching Copper or Steel Cylinders with different etching agents.

Cleaning Station

This Station is part of an autotypical line, to clean and inspect the result at the end of the line.

Discover our New Concept

The Digilas Concept has been completely rethought and adapted to the highest current and future market needs.

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Digilas perspective

Main Improvements

Massive casting design

grey iron EN-GJL 250

The machine base is an optimized cast design made of grey iron EN-GJL 250. The inside space of the bed is equipped with an especially developed composite which increases the mass of the bed and is heavily vibration absorbing.

Less movement, more Precision

new base design and different advance

The new Laser table is now equipped with a non-moving focus head, which gives the system a much more reliable multi-beam setup. The focus is now controlled by moving the laser table together with the focus lens, this creates the most reliable structure possible.

nearly maintenance free

high precision by modern technics

The motor of the carriage is a high-performance linear motor that works directly on the carriage, with no individual moving parts. This results in a super reliable and nearly maintenance free system which is engineered for industrial environments.

Custom Hardware and Software

by our own Software-Team

The new EgraBox is a completely proprietary hardware design which gives the Digilas System a big advance in the market. Its high-performance hardware components and custom Linux based software which runs on stock server hardware.

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